Working with Diverse Types of People

This half-day workshop uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help participants identify their unique strengths and the pitfalls associated with them. It also enables them to understand their colleagues’ personalities and develop strategies for working with them in the most effective ways.

mbti-and-diverse-peopleEach of us has a preference, the equivalent of a dominant hand, on the 4 dimensions of personality:

1. Extraversion vs Introversion (the E – I scale)
2. Sensing vs iNtuition (the S – N scale)
3. Thinking vs Feeling (the T – F scale)
4. Judging vs Perceiving (the J – P scale)

Through the questionnaire, activities, and discussions, participants learn about their preferences and how they impact their approach to:

• identifying and analyzing problems
• evaluating alternatives
• making decisions
• implementing decisions

They also learn how others approach these problem-solving actions in different ways – and how to work with people who aren’t like them.

Topics include:

• The 4 sets of preferences
• The 16 personality types
• Understanding your type and what makes you most productive
• Learning about other’s types and the best ways to work with them
• Valuing differences
• Making development plans

When intact teams take this training, we recommend a full day so that participants can discuss their strengths and development opportunities with their colleagues and give each other suggestions for leveraging their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses.