Leading People Through Change

This 1.5 day training on effectively leading change improves speed and effectiveness of change by preparing leaders and employees to successfully accept and execute the plan. Its focus is to get the heart, hands, and minds of people behind the change!

Course objectives:

1. Learn the definition of change management, why it is critical and your role as a leader in change.
2. Understand a model for leading change, develop a roadmap for changing your organization, and apply the levers of change to your initiative.
3. Learn how to diagnose and engage your employees in the change process.
4. Identify the alignment actions that will sustain your change initiatives.
5. Apply the learnings from the workshop to your change initiative.

Intended participants:

Leaders with people management responsibilities who are sponsoring a change effort in their areas. The core foundational content is also useful for all leadership levels handling and implementing change within their areas of responsibility.