Coaching for Work Teams

One of the great misconceptions about teams is that if you put a group of high performing individuals together, you automatically get a high performing team. Coupled with that misconception is the belief that if you have people working in “cross functional” teams they will automatically embrace a common goal even though they are being measured and rewarded for activities that are distinct from that goal.

Often teams and their leaders need help getting everyone on the same page about the team’s goals, clear about roles and responsibilities, communicating effectively, making good decisions, and operating efficiently. Our team effectiveness coaching is based on many years “in the trenches” helping teams work on real time issues and guiding them to improve their ability to achieve results. We know what it takes to have a strong team, and we know how to steer teams in the right direction.

Our approach to building high performing teams can include:

• Team training on Teambuilding for High Performance and/or Working with Diverse Types of People
• Assessing the team’s strengths and opportunities for improvement
• Observing and improving the team’s processes
• Facilitating team meetings, team off-sites, or team building activities
• Coaching the team to resolve conflicts, improve communication and decision making, strengthen problem solving, or increase morale
• Teamwork Coaching for Leaders for the team’s leader

The emphasis of our team effectiveness coaching is on helping the team build and sustain its own capability to accomplish its targets while maintaining positive and healthy team dynamics. Our customized approach ensures the team will receive targeted, directed work on the issues most impacting the team at a particular juncture.