Personalized 360s

The most powerful way to get meaningful feedback about your leadership strengths and development needs is through a personalized 360.

The basis for this type of feedback is a very simple question: “What would you like people saying about you as a leader?” The answers are your criteria for successful leadership – what you want to be known for.

We ask your manager to validate those criteria, put a 5-point scale beside each of your statements, and then use that tool to conduct interviews with your manager, peers, direct reports, and other key people you work with. The result is an in-depth assessment that includes:

• your self-assessment and their ratings against your desired reputation,
• in-depth explanations for each rating,
• specific recommendations for what you need to work on,
• and any additional criteria they think you should be focused on.

This type of feedback is usually done in conjunction with Personalized Leadership Coaching. Sometimes it’s coupled with other forms of feedback – from our Leadership Style Assessments (L4 Self and L4 Other), the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Preferred Work Style Inventory (PWSI), or a company-specific 360˚ feedback tool. Sometimes this is the only feedback a leader receives.

However it is used, the leaders we coach always say that this is the most useful information they’ve ever received about who they are as a leader and what they need to do to increase their effectiveness.