It is widely believed there are not enough women in positions of leadership and influence. For a multitude of reasons too few women take their place in leadership roles. Most organizations are not designed to be environments where women can thrive, be balanced and take care of their families. Charter Oak’s Women UpFront programs help women to develop skills to navigate the journey toward assuming more influence and taking their rightful leadership place. We gather women in roundtables so they may support one another to achieve their goals and deal with complex leadership challenges. In addition, we coach women on an individual level to help them bring forth their best life! Further, we facilitate Sisterhood Retreats and Circles to explore how sisters support one another to reach greater levels of fulfillment. Women UpFront is always looking for creative way to inspire audiences and offer a unique blend of entertainment and training in a methodology called Entrainment.

Women UpFront: Business Owners and Leaders
Women business owners often find it is lonely at the top. We believe roundtables provide learning environments for exploring challenges and learning from peers. Women Upfront is affiliated with the Women President’s Organization http://www.womenpresidentsorg.com/ to work with second stage entrepreneurs with revenues $1 million and above. see logo below In addition, Women Upfront offer roundtables for women owners who are generating less than one million and are striving to take their business to the next level.(Hyperlink for Women Upfront schedules in Atlanta, Boulder and Springfield and WPO chapters in Springfield MA and Atlanta GA.

Living Your Best Life -Coaching
Being aligned with who you are and how you want to contribute to society is of concern to so many women. Managing the tensions between aspirations for career success, feeling fulfillment in family roles as well as addressing personal needs is a familiar struggle for many women. Our coaches will guide women to design and modify their lives and careers to create alignment between competing roles and desires.

Whether you are in career transition, looking for your next job or in an organization you want to stay in, Women Upfront’s goal is to help you find a solution that gleans greater career and personal satisfaction. In the coaching process we will take through a values clarification experience, and through a process that will help to strategically design your career, life and development of a personal brand. We will provide a personalized coaching process that will take you through the stepping stones of achieving your dreams and goals. This process will bring you forward so that you are marketing your authentic and best self.

Sisterhood Retreats and Circles
Women Upfront is interested in women. Where there are women, there are sisters. Either by birth or chosen, sisterhood is a powerful claim to stand with and for one another. Women Upfront’s Sisterhood Retreats and Circles offers opportunities to focus on exploring the power of sisterhood, the difficulty being in sister relationships, how we often unconsciously betray and sabotage our sisters, and refining our skills to embrace sister relationships which powerfully impact and heal our own souls and broader society. These retreats and circles are based on adult-learning theories that are highly interactive and experiential.

A blend of entertainment and training.
Charter Oak’s Barbara Edwards is a modern day bard. As a professional singer, keynoter and facilitator, Barbara weaves powerful music, real-life stories, profound teachings and facilitated discussions to explore the key issues of our time: leadership, community, trust, conflict transformation, and living a mission filled life. Her methodology, entertrainment, blends entertainment with training to create unique, inspiring and profound experiences which educate and illuminate. From keynote speeches, fireside chats to weeklong explorations, entertrainent is a creative interactive learning experience for groups, communities and individuals.