The Birkman Method® is a personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment identifying behavior style, motivation, interpersonal expectation, and stress behavior. Birkman replaces intuition and assumption with information and understanding to make confident life and career choices. Results from The Birkman Method create a foundation for understanding self, managing self, understanding others, and managing relationships.

4 construct domains, and over 40 scales, are what make up The Birkman Method. The 4 construct domains are:
Usual Behavior – effective behavioral style for dealing with tasks and relationships.
Underlying Needs – perceptions of how relationships, social situations, and tasks are governed regardless of perceived social correctness.
Stress Behavior – ineffective behavioral style for dealing with tasks and relationships.
Interests – preferences for work and recreational activities.

The Birkman Method®

• is valid and reliable,
• is online and secure,
• averages 35 minutes to complete,
• produces results immediately after completion (through over 30 reports),
• online questionnaire has been translated to over 20 languages.

Charter Oak Consultants are certified in The Birkman Method® and use the tool in the following ways:

• Personal Coaching
• Leadership Development
• Conflict Management
• Team Building
• Relationship Management
• Career Management
• Outplacement
• Retirement