Teamwork Coaching for Leaders

You can’t have a high performing team without having an effective leader. So whenever we do Team Building or Coaching for Work Teams, we always recommend coaching for the team’s leader. We also coach many leaders without working with their entire teams – helping them understand what they need to do to get their teams to deliver results.

Like all leadership coaching, this work is always customized to the needs of the leader and the team he/she is leading, but common issues that get addressed are:

• Articulating the team’s mission
• Setting goals for the team and each team member
• Clarifying roles and responsibilities
• Establishing communication channels
• Defining decision-making protocols
• Developing systems and processes
• Appreciating team members’ contributions
• Resolving conflicts
• Building a can-do team spirit

When we’re coaching the leader and the team, this leadership coaching usually focuses on issues that have surfaced in team discussions or are about to be addressed with the team. When we’re just working with the team leader, we often recommend a High Performing Teams Assessment or Leader’s Window Team Assessment to determine the team’s needs. And in both cases we often suggest the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or the Preferred Work Style Inventory to help the leader or the whole team understand and value each other as people.