The Leader’s Window®

This highly interactive 2-day training program based on The Leader’s Window, 2nd edition (2001, Davies-Black) written by John Beck and Neil Yeager enables managers to use the L4 System to take charge of the teams they lead while simultaneously empowering individual team members to deliver results. It teaches them how to:

Bring teams up to speed quickly, align the team’s work with organizational goals, motivate individuals to take on stretch assignments, develop people as they confront challenges, and hold them accountable for achieving results.

leader's-window-forPage790V3The training also gives participants practical tools for managing projects and performance.

Participants use the L4 Self and L4 Other Leadership Style Assessments as pre-work to identify their strengths and weaknesses. During the training they learn to use the Situational Analysis and Performance Contracting tools to improve their working relationships in a positive, progressive way. As follow up, they can also use the Leader’s Window Baseline and Follow-up Measures to track the impact of training.

To help managers implement the L4 System, follow up workshops on Performance Contracting and Team Development can also be done with them and their team members. These 4-hour workshops give employees a working knowledge of the system and enable them to help their managers use it to improve team results. To help participants strengthen their mastery of the 4 leadership styles, Communication Skills 4 Leaders is an ideal follow-up training program.

Leader’s Window Training 4 Trainers – plus PowerPoint slides, participant manuals, the L4 Game, teambuilding kits, and the Leader’s Window Facilitator’s Guide – make it easy for corporate training departments and external consultants to be licensed to conduct this training. Questionnaires and training materials can also be tailored to a client’s specifications and the design can be easily adapted to integrate with other topics and programs.

Other management and leadership experts endorse the Beck and Yeager system:

“The Leader’s Window takes the highly successful Situational Leadership model to a whole new level. A great read for anyone who is trying to live the 7 Habits at work.”
– Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“I have never experienced any leadership approach that compared with The Leader’s Window for simplicity, clarity, proactive application, or accountability. While teaching it to hundreds of organizations, I’ve gotten rave reviews from everyone from executives to supervisors.”
– Bob McClendon, President of McClendon Management

Satisfied customers rave about the training:

“The Leader’s Window offers a very practical system for bringing people together and getting them to work together in ways that produce exceptional results.”
– Ramani Ayer, Chairman and CEO of The Hartford Financial Services Group

“Long after the strained analogies of the latest business book have faded into undistinguished memory, this memorable tool kit will continue to be used in everyday practice by the lucky readers who have picked up this gem of a book.”
– Josh Boger, Chairman and CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals

“Most of the time people don’t retain training beyond 90 days. The Leader’s Window is different. Five years after taking the course, there are key managers who use it to figure out when to back off or get involved and how to insert themselves as coaches when involvement is needed.”
– J. Kevin Schmidt, VP of Human Resources, Saint Gobain Abrasives