Strength and Resiliency

This 1-day workshop helps people at all levels – from CEOs to middle managers to front-line employees – understand and manage stress-related issues that affect bottom line performance.

The daily challenges of balancing relationships, work responsibilities, and emotional issues can induce stress, however it’s often our perception of those events that leads to lack of focus, poor cognition, and anxiety that can undermine success. The challenge is to see and act from a place of wholeness: body, mind, heart and spirit, focusing on what you can do something about. Resiliency is a natural consequence.

Topics include:

1. Take an assessment to determine your current level of resiliency.
2. Learn how and why the body responds to stressful situations.
3. Learn to identify your own perceptions and behaviors that impact productivity and well being.
4. Learn four ideas for quickly reducing stress.
5. Develop strategies that increase resiliency.