Leader’s Window Assessments


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The L4 Self Leadership Style Assessment provides insights about the styles you think you use. The L4 Other Leadership Style Assessment enables you to compare what you think you do to what other people say you actually do and ideally need to do.

The L4 Self has 20 short cases about men and women at 4 levels of performance potential. Each case is followed by 4 actions that reflect the 4 leadership styles of the L4 System. The L4 Self report provides feedback about:

• Your Leadership Profile – the percentage of time you selected each style
• Your Effectiveness in high, moderate, and low potential situations
• Your Effectiveness with men vs women – the styles you selected for each gender and if you used the styles at the right times



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The L4 Other also has 20 cases followed by 4 actions. These cases are generic situations that enable up to10 direct reports and/or peers and/or project team members to identify what you do and should do in real situations. The L4 Other report provides feedback about:

• Your Actual Profile – the percentage of time others see you using each style
• Your Ideal Profile – the percentage to time they need you to use each style
• Your Change Profile – the number of people who need more or less of each style

Most people take the L4 Self and Other on-line and receive computer-generated reports. Both are also available in hard copy and can be scored with the L4 Self and L4 Other Scoring Keys that produce the same output as the computer-generated reports.



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The Leader’s Window Baseline and Follow-up Measures provide feedback to individuals and organizations about the impact of learning and using the L4System. This short, 8-item questionnaire is based on the 4 phases of the Leader’s Window. The LW Baseline Report provides feedback about:

• Your strengths and weaknesses as a team leader – 360˚ feedback from managers, peers, and direct reports
• Your relative strengths and weaknesses – your percentile for each phase compared to a large data base of managers from all types of organizations
• Specific suggestions about how to improve your ability to lead individuals and/or group dynamics