Power and Conflict

This workshop provides team leaders and their team members with concepts and tools for understanding and managing conflict, and for using their organizational and personal bases of power effectively.

Participants then complete the Power Base Assessment to identify their strongest bases of power and identify other bases that they would like to develop to increase their ability to produce results.

Participants also complete the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument to assess their approach to managing and resolving conflict. They also learn how to diagnose the needs of a situation so they can know the best way to approach it – and they use that tool to identify the best ways to deal with current conflicts.

They also engage in team activities that surface issues about turning conflict into collaboration – and about ways to increase one’s power and influence.

Topics include:


• Power Base Assessment

• Understanding the Bases of Power

• Developing your Power & Influence


• Conflict Modes Assessment

• Understanding the Modes of Conflict

• Knowing your Preferred Modes

• Using the Modes at the Right Times


• Turning Conflict into Collaboration

• Using Power and Influence