Preferred Work Style Inventory

The Preferred Work Style Inventory is a simple direct tool for understanding style differences in the workplace.

Developed by Charter Oak partner Neil Yeager, and first published in Dr. Yeager’s book, CareerMap (Wiley, 1988) the instrument provides insight into how pwsi-250pxone’s own style impacts individual performance dynamics and role satisfaction.

It also provides those who learn the model with insight into how to manage differences between self and others and how to deal with conflict, motivation, and development issues.

The instrument is available for purchase by experienced trainers who want to use it in their practice and can be supplemented by an interpretation guide and/or consultation on how to use it most effectively.

The Preferred Work Style Inventory has been used in many Fortune 500 companies and has been tested in a broad range of cultures and environments. It is often embedded in courses on Leadership, Communication, Conflict Management, and Development Planning.