The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is one of the most widely used leadership assessments in the world. It helps leaders identify their unique strengths and the predictable pitfalls associated with them. It also enables them to understand their colleagues’ personalities and develop strategies for working with them in the most effective ways.

Everyone has a preference, the equivalent of a dominant hand, on the 4 dimensions of the MBTI:

1. Extraversion vs Introversion (the E – I scale)
2. Sensing vs iNtuition (the S – N scale)
3. Thinking vs Feeling (the T – F scale)
4. Judging vs Perceiving (the J – P scale)

These 4 preferences result in a 4-letter type – ENTJ, ISFP, ESFJ, INTP, etc. – that provides insights about how each person:

• identifies and analyzes problems
• evaluates alternatives
• makes and implements decisions

As advertised, the MBTI is just an “indicator” – one step in a process for helping leaders learn about their preferences and the way type impacts they way they lead. By working with a Charter Oak coach or attending our workshop on Working with Diverse Types of People, leaders can validate their type, learn to leverage their strengths, develop a plan for overcoming their weaknesses, and learn how to work with people who aren’t like them.

Any individual – leader or individual contributor – can benefit from taking the MBTI. Teams can also use it as a wonderful starting point for team building.