Improving Communication Workshop

This half-day workshop helps managers and their team members apply the concepts and tools from the Communication Skills for Leaders training program. Before the workshop, managers and team members complete the Communications Audit, a short questionnaire that provides data for starting an open dialogue about ways to improve communication within and across teams.

The workshop starts with an overview to give employees a working knowledge of the core concepts from the Communication Skills training – Listening Skills, Influencing Skills, and Problem-Solving Skills – and a reminder about the communication needs of high performing teams. Next is a teambuilding activity that’s a fun way to set the stage for talking about team problem-solving. That’s followed by using the results of the audit to have focused discussions about ways to improve communication and teamwork on day-to-day interactions.

Topics include:


• Listening Skills
• Influencing Skills
• Team Problem-Solving


• Applying the Leader’s Window
• Increasing Team Effectiveness


• Communications Audit
• Improving One-on-One Communications
• Improving Team Communications
• Strengthening Communication Across the Organization