Whether you are planning to stay with your current employer or looking for an opportunity with a new one, Charter Oak’s career coaching is a highly personalized process, aimed at aligning your personal values, skills and passions to your current or future workplace.

Career Development:
For leaders who want to grow with their current employer, we help individuals improve their level of job satisfaction and increase their opportunities through the following process:

1. Individual career assessment
2. Creating a career development strategic plan
3. Coaching sessions to support desired changes

Job search:
For those who want to or have to look for a new employer, we provide assessment and skill development on how to conduct the best possible job search. This is done in 3 phases:

1. Orientation to the process of career transition.

• Understanding emotional phases of job loss
• Maintaining a positive attitude
• Managing the stress of job loss
• Identifying personal concerns

2. Career-oriented strategic planning resulting in a job search direction.

• Defining career mission and developing a vision for the future
• Identifying values
• Indentifying competencies, skill, attributes
• Setting direction for the next step

3. Developing effective job search protocols, self-marketing tools, strategies and skills.

• Understanding the marketplace
• Learning the protocols of job search
• Learning how to construct self-marketing materials including a market-driven resume, cover letters and follow-up letters
• Developing networking strategies and skills
• Strengthening Interviewing skills