High Performing Teams Assessment

The HPT assessment is based on Charter Oak’s research on the differences between high performing and low performing teams. The tool has 9 categories:

team-assessments-250px1. Mission
2. Goals
3. Roles
4. Leadership
5. Communication
6. Decision Making
7. Systems/Processes
8. Recognition/Rewards
9. Culture/Climate

For each category, there are 7-8 statements that compare the best and the worst teams that we’ve heard about. The team leader and all team members simply put a √ beside each statement that describes their team. These data are a simple yet effective way to structure a Team Building workshop. They can be collected by a show of hands in the workshop or submitted as pre-work. Either way, the data are the basis for:

• a robust discussion about the team’s strengths and weaknesses,
• prioritizing the most important opportunities for improvement,
• and identifying action items that will enable the team to increase its effectiveness.