Making Change Happen

Effectively making change happen improves business results. This 2.5 day course prepares leaders and employees to successfully accept and deal with the complexities of change, and aligns leaders, employees and key stakeholders.

Course objectives:

1. Enable leaders to effectively champion and manage a small to medium change project.
2. Build capacity in change leaders to diagnose change readiness, barriers and needs.
3. Enable leaders to clearly define what is changing, why it’s changing and the plan to get there.
4. Gain experience with change tools to make change happen and mitigate risks.
5. Help align and engage stakeholders impacted by the change.
6. Become knowledgeable about how and when to access additional support to enable sustainable change.
7. Learn how to sustain change to get lasting results.

Intended participants:

Leaders and project managers who are leading small to medium-size change projects in their area. This course is particularly appropriate for someone who has just been put in charge of a new project. It’s also very helpful for any team member who has been added to a project team.