Team Building

Our team building process helps teams perform better. Period.

Team Building isn’t just fun in the woods. Often our teambuilding events include stimulating team activities – indoors or outdoors – that enable team members to relax, enjoy being with each other, and observe how they work together without the pressure of their day-to-day work. But these activities are just the prelude to the real work that is done through a series of meetings to identify team strengths and opportunities for improvement, and find ways to leverage strengths and confront weaknesses.

The real team building work follows a natural sequence:

1. Before any other work can be done, the team’s mission, vision, core values, strategies, priorities, and goals need to be in place.
2. After that, the work needs to be allocated and team member roles and responsibilities defined.
3. With that level of clarity, the team can examine the way work gets done by improving processes for communication, decision-making, planning, problem-solving, managing workflow, and resolving conflicts.
4. Finally, if it will improve the team’s ability to perform, the work focuses on developing interpersonal skills and strengthening relationships.

Some teams prefer 2-3 day off-site meetings so they can address their issues in sustained and comprehensive discussions. Others find it more helpful to have several 2-4 hour meetings in the workplace. Whatever your team’s needs are, however you choose to address them, our expertise at Charter Oak is helping you get everyone on your team to put their oars in the water at the same time.