Teambuilding for High Performance

This two-day training is designed to help employees increase their effectiveness as members of work teams. It’s often used in parallel with team leadership training that the employees’ managers are receiving – the idea being that for leaders to increase the effectiveness of their teams their team members need to be fully engaged in the process.

During the course, participants learn about:

• key factors for effective teamwork

• their preferences for communication and decision-making

• their impact on other team members

• steps for traditional and creative problem solving

• some of the realities of working in complex organizations

Day 1 focuses on building high performing teams, problem solving, and developing skills for understanding team dynamics. It includes learning the critical success factors for high performing teams, discussing effective and ineffective teams in participants’ organizations, understanding the steps of effective problem solving, and doing an activity that highlights the need for creative problem solving.

Day 2 focuses on self-awareness and becoming a productive team member. It includes feedback from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), an activity that teaches participants the steps of project planning while underlining the importance of utilizing the team’s resources, a complex organizational simulation in which teams must collaborate if they are going to succeed, and the creation of action plans for participants to apply their insights to the workplace.