Coaching for Performance Improvement

Coaching skills are one of the key skill sets required of contemporary managers. Yet most organizations find that their managers and supervisors are ill equipped to provide the kinds of coaching to employees that result in improved performance and the strengthening of manager/employee relationships.

Because coaching skills depend upon the capacity for managers to fully engage their direct reports, a key element of a course on coaching skills is the opportunity to practice the skills being acquired.

Because of the importance of skill practice, this program create a classroom experience that provides an opportunity for participants to practice their coaching skills “real time” by bringing their real world coaching challenges into the classroom and using them as practice material for their skill building. As a result, participants leave the class with both an improved coaching capability, and solutions to some of their current coaching challenges.

Course Overview
The Coaching for Performance and Development Model consists of four distinct yet interrelated sets of behaviors:

• Foundation Skills for Effective Coaching Conversations
• Paying Attention to the Person
• Listening for Understanding
• Exploring for Information
• Offering Perspective

• Providing Effective Performance Feedback

• Reinforcing Desired Behavior with Positive Feedback
• Identifying Performance Problems
• Framing Your Feedback
• Confronting Problems Constructively
• Effectively Pushing for Change

• Collaborative Problem Solving in the Coaching Relationship

• Defining the Problem
• Thinking Problems Through/Brainstorming Alternatives
• Evaluating Alternatives Together
• Creating Clear Agreements

• Teaching and Guiding for Employee Development

• Tips on Teaching and Guiding
• Engaging in Development Planning Conversations
• Creating Clear/Measurable Development Plans
• Developing Skill and Knowledge
• Providing Models

This program can be delivered in a two-day format with video breakout sessions or a one- day format with in–class practice sessions.