Change Readiness Assessments

We have 2 tools for assessing change readiness:

1. Personal Change Readiness is a self-assessment that enables each individual who is going to be involved in an organizational change to understand his/her values and thoughts about change and degree of satisfaction with the way things are now.
2. Organizational Change Readiness is a tool that’s completed by all stakeholders who will be involved in an upcoming change. The data enable the leaders of the initiative to understand the extent to which people know what’s being changed, why, and how if will impact them.

These tools are often used in workshops on Leading People Through Change and Making Change Happen. They can also be used in the early phases of Change Management Consulting to help leaders assess the organization’s readiness for change and to help individuals get engaged with the change process.

Whenever we are doing Change Management Consulting with a client, we customize these tools or create a completely new one by interviewing key players to determine priorities that they want to assess and the factors that are most likely to impact their change initiative.

pdfDownload Personal Change Readiness

pdfDownload Organizational Change Readiness