Leader’s Window Team Assessment

This assessment is an easy way to start a conversation about a team’s strengths and weaknesses. Since it’s based on the Leader’s Window, it also provides clear guidance to the team’s leader about changes that are needed.

The tool uses the 8 questions from the Leader’s Window Baseline Measure, 2 for each phase of the Leader’s Window:

1. Team Orientation – forming and focusing the team
2. Individual Assignments – clarifying goals and roles with each team member
3. Work + Support – trusting team members to perform and supporting them as needed
4. Team Problem Solving – taking operational and developmental time outs to keep the team focused

The team leader and all team members rate the leader’s effectiveness from 1-5, poor-excellent, on each phase. They are also asked to submit explanations of all low ratings – what’s missing and what’s needed.

The report provides a concrete, data-driven starting point for discussions with the team in a Team Development workshop and/or with the leader through Team Effectiveness Coaching. The result of those meetings is specific action items – by the leader or the team – that will have a positive impact on the team’s ability to work effectively.