Senior Leadership Team Development

We develop customized development programs for CEOs and their senior leaders that help them become increasingly aligned around strategy and increasingly effective in working together to achieve those strategies. Through this process each senior leader also becomes more effective at leading his/her part of the organization.

This process starts with a diagnosis of the team’s needs using the Team Diagnostic tool from Team Coaching International. That assessment generates data about the team’s strengths and weaknesses in leadership, accountability, goals & strategies, decision-making, resources, communication, trust, respect, diversity, camaraderie, constructive interaction, and optimism.

Based on that assessment, we work with the team to develop of a roadmap for strengthening the team – the topics they need to develop to lead the organization more effectively. These customized programs usually start as 1-day per month for a year, but many continue for several years as the senior team tackles new challenges or integrates new people.

Common topics include:

1. High Performing Team Skills and Effectiveness
2. The 5 Dysfunctions of Teams
3. Leadership Style Effectiveness
4. 360˚ Managing Organizational Change
5. Decision Effectiveness
6. Inside Out Coaching
7. Managing Organizational Change
8. The 4 Disciplines of Execution

In each session we introduce the topic, engage the team in discussions about using concepts and tools to increase their effectiveness with each other, and then ask each leader to make a plan for applying the concepts and tools to their part of the organization. Participants report out on their progress the next month, learn a new topic, and start applying it to the senior team and to the teams they lead.

This process also includes metrics for measuring progress. At the beginning, we create a customized team assessment by asking the senior leaders what they’d like their team members saying about their teams. We send this tool to each leader’s direct reports at the outset to establish a baseline, and then we follow-ups every quarter to measure progress.