Change Management Consulting

If you are a leader or leadership team engaged in transforming your business strategy, culture, and/or work processes you will benefit from using our proven philosophy, structure, and tools. Our approach keeps you in the driver’s seat and allows you to utilize our 30 years of experience in leading and managing change as you create your plans for your organization’s future.

Our change management consulting process includes the following steps:

1. Understanding your situation, needs, vision, and gaps
2. Assessing change readiness, the culture, and leadership abilities
3. Defining the change strategy and measures of success
4. Diagnosing organizational alignment and leverage points for success
5. Working with an internal leadership team to drive and provide insight in the consulting process
6. Delivering feedback and summary reports regarding needs and actions
7. Working with the executive team to understand the assessment and diagnose readiness for change
8. Designing a change plan
9. Providing change leadership training and development to key leaders
10. Working with the sponsor leaders throughout the business to ensure buy-in and involvement in the process

We will embed a team of change consultants who will diagnose change readiness, develop a change vision and plan, work with your change team to build alignment and ensure the execution of the change plan and key metrics/results.

You will also gain access to our one-on-one Change Leadership Coaching and our highly rated courses on Making Change Happen and Leading People Through Change. Download chart: Organization Effectiveness Cycle