Emotional Intelligence

Research on Emotional Intelligence suggests that the capacity to understand and manage the emotions of oneself and others is a key ingredient to success in today’s organizations. And while the major theorists in this field debate whether EQ (as the emotional parallel to IQ) is changeable, few leaders would argue with its importance.

Increasing one’s capacity to manage the complex dynamics that come with effectively driving higher levels of performance, commitment and dedication to is what makes this program high impact for organizations seeking to build higher levels of trust, collaboration, and interdependence.

Emotional Acumen reflects:

• the capacity to understand, express and respond to emotions appropriately and effectively
• the capacity to handle emotional situations by establishing trust and rapport quickly, paying attention, listening well and influencing those involved
• the capacity to form genuine relationships with others
• the potential to demonstrate self-awareness, perspective taking, and a sense of presence that establishes you as a person others will rely on
• the capacity to manage and regulate your own emotional energy in a skillful, productive manner
• the capacity to pay attention to your own and others’ gut feelings… hunches…intuitive sensing and to consider these as vital information

The five dimensions of the Emotional Acumen Model are:

Self Knowledge

• Awareness of Own Feelings
• Clarity of Values
• Realistic Sense of Self

Personal Management

• Integrity/Authenticity
• Commitment to Work/Life Integration
• Trustworthiness


• Achievement Motivation
• Focus
• Measured Optimism/Resilience


• Capacity to Connect
• High Level of Listening
• Consideration of Others

Relationship Management

• Appreciation of Diversity
• Change Mastery
• Influence

This program, typically delivered as a two-day course, is focused on practical application of the principles of Emotional Intelligence and builds on the research base of the major theorists in the field, but emphasizes skill building as the means toward optimizing the benefits that can be derived from increased Emotional Acumen.