Leadership Competency Assessment

The Charter Oak Leadership Competency Assessment (LCA) is a cost-effective option for clients who don’t want to use the Leader’s Mirror process to create a customized leadership competency model. The LCA has:

• 101 leadership skills that define
• 24 leadership competencies that provide participants with feedback about
• 4 levels of leadership: Personal, Interpersonal, Team, and Organizational.

The LCA is taken on-line by the feedback-receiver and multiple feedback-givers: manager, other manager (dotted line, skip level) if one exists, direct reports, and peers. The LCA 360˚ Feedback Report provides in-depth quantitative feedback as well as extensive comments that bring the numbers to life. When multiple people from one organization receive this feedback, the tool is also used to create team and/or organizational profiles that validate collective strengths and form the basis for action plans to address institutional weaknesses.

The 3 steps of the 360˚ feedback process are:

1. Administering the 360˚ Questionnaire

Feedback-receivers request full spectrum feedback on their performance from managers, other managers, peers, and direct reports as well as their own self-assessment. The feedback includes numerical ratings and verbatim comments.

2. Leadership Feedback and Coaching

Each leader participates in a personal feedback session with a Charter Oak coach who has broad experience coaching leaders at all levels. This session provides assistance with interpreting the feedback and formulating a development plan to improve leadership effectiveness in a way that will positively impact business results.

3. Team Development and Planning

Each leadership team that goes through the 360˚ feedback process also participates in a team meeting to understand each individual’s development plan, help each other become stronger leaders, review the team’s collective strengths and development needs, and create action plans for increasing overall team effectiveness.