Communication Skills for Leaders

This stimulating training program helps managers enhance their skills for working effectively with people by giving them the tools for using the right leadership style at the right time. As participants strengthen their ability to give and seek information they learn how their words and actions impact the flow of information, and they develop the power to take control of face-to-face communications.

We have a 2-day version that divides participants into groups of 5 with a video camera and facilitator for each group, and a 1-day version without taping or small group facilitators. With or without the videotaping, most of the course is spent in practice sessions that provide extensive development opportunities. As participants rotate through the roles of talker, respondent, and observer, they not only receive in-depth feedback and coaching, they also increase their ability to provide positive and constructive feedback to others.

In the 2-day training, day 1 starts with an activity that surfaces a number of ineffective modes of communication. The course then focuses on Listening Skills as the foundation for effective communication. Participants learn techniques for attending, reflecting, and questioning then have opportunities to practice each set of skills with feedback from their peers and videotape. Day 2 starts with Influencing Skills. Participants practice these skills on videotape and get feedback about ways to be more influential. After that they learn how to combine listening and influencing skills for effective Problem-Solving. Then they learn how to apply problem-solving techniques to performance reviews and coaching. The course ends with an assessment of the skills each participant needs to improve and action plans for applying learnings to improving organizational performance.

The 1-day training has all the same topics – Listening, Influencing, Problem-Solving, and Performance Development. It also includes practice sessions on each skill and engaging activities. The only difference between this course and the longer one is that the practice sessions are not videotaped and reviewed.

This training program is an ideal follow up to the Leader’s Window training. It can also be followed up with Improving Communication workshops that help managers and their team members identify ways to strengthen their communication with each other, with other departments, and with customers.