Power Base Assessment

The PBA (Power Base Assessment) is a short, 21-item questionnaire that enables leaders to identify the bases of power that they’re most comfortable using – and the ones that they’d like to strengthen.

There are 7 bases of power that leaders use to enable them to motivate people to take action:

1. Coercive power
2. Legitimate power
3. Reward power
4. Connection power
5. Expert power
6. Information power
7. Admiration power

These power bases align with the leadership styles of the Leader’s Window. Like the styles, there are times when each can be useful but overusing one or two can limit your effectiveness as a leader and hinder your ability to get things done. So understanding the bases and knowing the ones you’re most comfortable using can help you increase your ability to be an effective leader.

This tool is often used by individuals who are trying to become stronger leaders – on their own or with an executive coach. It can also be used with a team that wants to become a stronger force in the organization – in conjunction with a workshop on Power and Conflict or a Team Building event.