Change Leadership Coaching

When we do Change Management Consulting with an organization, we always recommend coaching with the person driving the change initiative – the CEO, President, Division VP, or Department Manager. And in major change efforts in large organizations this type of coaching is also helpful to leaders at lower levels as they cascade changes throughout the organization.

Change Leadership Coaching helps you stay in the driver’s seat while allowing you to utilize our 30 years of experience in leading and managing change as you create your plans for your organization’s future. Coaching often happens before or after major events so we can answer any questions you have about the Organization Effectiveness Cycle or where we are in the process. It also enables us to make sure we’re fully aligned with you and your long and short-term objectives.

Common topics of discussion include:

1. Understanding the forces that are driving change
2. Clarifying customer expectations and organizational capabilities
3. Articulating your vision for the future
4. Helping you identify elements of the organization that need to be changed
5. Understanding the impact of your leadership style in leading change
6. Identifying leaders and teams to sponsor and drive change management teams
7. Making and communicating key decisions
8. Developing roll-out strategies

As is true with all leadership coaching, this work is always adapted to the needs of the organization and the interests of the leader who’s being coached.