Seventh Prism Licensing / Training for Trainers

The Seventh Prism framework is available for licensing to both internal trainers/coaches and external consultants who wish to use the methodology in their workplace/practice.

Experienced trainers/coaches can learn the methodology through a combination of experiential learning designed to give them a comprehensive understanding of the Seventh Prism approach and systematic guidelines for using The Seventh Prism with their companies/clients.

The first step in becoming certified is to participate in a Seventh Prism Retreat with program designer/developer Neil Yeager. Depending upon the experience of the practitioner and his/her delivery needs, a customized licensing process is then deployed.

Some of the licensing programs include:

• Delivery of the two-day Seventh Prism course for leaders in organizations;

• Seventh Prism “Whole Person” Financial Planning for Investment Counselors, Financial Planners and Retirement Planning Professionals;

• Seventh Prism “Work/Life Integration” Coaching for Executive Coaches, Life Coaches and Career Counselors.

Depending on the particular certification program, participants receive the following:

• Detailed Facilitator Guide

• Power Point Presentation

• Access to Seventh Prism Designer for ongoing consultation/support

Access to materials including:

• Participant Guidebooks

• Participant Card Sorts

• Facilitator guide and Power Point Presentation

Depending upon experience/background, selected licensees are eligible to become Seventh Prism subcontractors to help meet Charter Oak contractual delivery needs.